In a first step, Convergence TV aims to develop, experiment and commercialize a solution for distributing TV contents (linear and non-linear) making a convergent use of both broadcast and broadband networks. The proposed solution is based on a unified all-IP architecture, using open standards coming from the OTT world (DASH or MMT), adapted to the broadcast world and replacing the aging transport standard MPEG-2 TS. Other possible candidate technologies such as the emerging MPEG-CMAF file format may be looked at, with the same target for a convergent, unified approach for both the broadband and broadcast distribution schemes.

In a second step, the project will implement this convergent IP approach in the context of the new ATSC3.0 system, which made similar choices.

In a third step, the project will propose to port the all IP approach to the DVB systems, which still use the MPEG-2 TS.

By doing this, the project consortium targets two application markets:

  • One ATSC export market using the new ATSC3.0 standard: Korea and North America, starting as soon as early 2018,
  • One Europe and rest-of-the-world market using future convergent DVB standards, in medium and long term views (2020 and beyond).

The project consortium comprises five industrial partners, two academic partners and is supported by two “validating partners” (content editor, satellite operator). It constitutes a complete ecosystem, at the best level and already strongly turned toward exportation.

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